Richard LEWIS, chercheur post-doctorant

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Professional experience

Post-Doctoral Researcher                                                                                

Sept 2020 to Present
Catholic University of Lille, ETHICS EA 7446  Lille, France
Post-doctoral researcher investigating human-technology relations. Contributor to organizing SPT 2021 conference.

Sept 2016 to Aug 2020
Doctoral Researcher
Vrije Universiteit Brussel Brussels, Belgium
Completed PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy and Moral Sciences
& Media and Communication Studies. I created a new framework to situate technology within a broader frame involving the complex interrelations of sociocultural, time, space, mind, and body. The research is based on the fields of postphenomenology, media literacy, complexity, and philosophical posthumanism. My dissertation title is: Relating Through
Our Selves: Situating Media Literacy with Intrasubjective Mediation.

May 2018 to Dec 2018
Freelance Copy Editor                                                      

Edited 45 chapters for the content editors of the Sage Handbook of Media & Migration Brussels, Belgium 

Jan 2009 to June 2016
Library Director
Prescott College Prescott, AZ
Responsible for overseeing personnel and budgetary issues of the Library. Negotiated with database vendors and ensured database and electronic resources were accessible for all students. Main collaborator involved with college’s strategic planning. Elected to Yavapai Library Network’s executive committee. Implemented both Summon and Ebsco’s EDS. Member of President’s Circle. Faculty member. 

June 2014 to June 2016
ADA Coordinator
Prescott College Prescott, AZ
Responsible for working with all students with physical, learning, or emotional disabilities, ensuring that appropriate accommodations were given to them.

Oct 2011 to Oct 2012
Associate Dean For Student Success & Library Services
Prescott College Prescott, AZ
Continued role as library director and added oversight of student life (housing, judiciary issues, counseling, budget, and advising). Member of Provost’s Circle and Administrative Council. Involved with strategic budgetary decisions for the College.

Nov 2005 to Aug 2010
Instruction/Reference Librarian: Faculty

Prescott College Prescott, AZ
Created and taught information literacy classes to low-residency BA, MA, and PhD students. Created web-based screen-cast videos. Created and taught research & information literacy courses. Helped to restart the diversity committee. Worked with several committees in the Yavapai Library Network.

Aug 2007 to Dec 2008
Program Director: Adult Degree Program
Prescott College Prescott, AZ
Responsible for communicating between the dean and faculty. Oversaw faculty workloads and chaired faculty meetings. Coordinated the change from a quarter to a semester system. Helped implement various policy and procedural changes to increase student retention.

Mar 2004 to Nov 2005
Reference/Acquisitions Librarian

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, AZ
Worked reference desk and taught information literacy classes.  Created an Access database to track book budget expenditures and encumbrances by department. Responsible for acquisitions budget and Special Collections.

Aug 2002 to Dec 2003
Adjunct instructor

Yavapai College Prescott, AZ
Taught Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) courses. Created a web-based curriculum. Taught students computer networking principals and how to troubleshoot network issues.


Doctor of Interdisciplinary Studies—Philosophy & Moral Sciences and Media & Communications                        

Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Brussels, Belgium. Graduated 2020 

 Master’s of Information Resources and Library Science

University of Arizona (Social & Behavioral Sciences), Tucson, Arizona, USA. Graduated 2003

 Bachelor’s of Art in English Literature                                        

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA . Graduated 1988


Lewis, R. S. (2020). Technological gaze: Understanding how technologies transform perception. In A. Daly, F. Cummins, J. Jardine, & D. Moran (Eds.) Perception and the inhuman gaze: Perspectives from philosophy, phenomenology and the sciences, 128-142. Routledge.

Lewis, R. S. (2018). Wisdom practices for living with technology (Book Review). Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, 22(2), 283-286.

Lewis, R. S. (2018). Hello Anthropocene, Goodbye Humanity: Reassessing Transhumanism Through    Postphenomenology. Glimpse, 19, 79-87.

Lewis, R. S. (2017). Turning Our Back on Art: A Postphenomenological Study of Museum Selfies.  Kunstlicht, 38(4), 92-99.

Recent conference prestations

Technology and Temporality Workshop – 25 Oct 2019
Vienna, Austria
Enhancing Postphenomenology with Time: Instrumentalizing the Temporal Impact

Beyond Humanism – 9-12 July 2019
Lille, France
Enhancing Transhumanism’s Foundation with the Complex Posthuman Subject                   

Society for Philosophy and Technology – 20-22 May 2019  
College Station, USA
It’s About Time: Developing a Temporal Relation with Postphenomenology   College Station, USA

Workshop with Mark Coeckelbergh – 12 Dec 2018  
Lille, France
Lessons from Human Being @ Risk: Bringing Normativity to Postphenomenology

Human-Technology Relations: Postphenomenology & PhilTech – 11-13 July 2018
Enschede, Netherlands
Moving Beyond the Artifact to Intra-subjective Technological Mediation                    

The Inhuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise – 6-9 June 2018
Paris, France
Technological Gaze: A Mediated Posthumanist Sense of Technology

Investigating Transhumanisms and their Narratives – 20-22 June 2018
Lille, France
Divorcing Humanism: Introducing Transhumanism to Mediated Posthumanism

PhotoMedia: Reconsidering the “Post-truth Condition” – 26-28 March 2018
Helsinki, Finland
Appropriating Selfies on Facebook                                                                                 

Society for Phenomenology and Media – 14-16 March 2018
Akureyri, Iceland
Reterritorializing Photography in Social Media: Enhancing Media Literacy

Beyond Humanism – 19-22 July 2017
Rome, Italy
Embracing Complexity: Moving the Human Enhancement Debate Beyond Humanism

Society for Philosophy and Technology –14-17 June 2017
Darmstadt, Germany
Augmenting Museums with the Self(ie): A Postphenomenological Inquiry

Society for Phenomenology and Media – 15-17 March 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Hello Anthropocene, Goodbye Humanity: Reassessing Transhumanism

Invited Speaking Engagements

Posthuman Ethics, Pain and Endurance Course (Rosi Braidotti) – 21 Aug 2018
Utrecht, Netherlands
Title: Philosophical Tools for Understanding Posthuman-Tech Relations

Human – Technology Colloquium (Peter-Paul Verbeek) – 31 May 2018
Enschede, Netherlands
Title: Technological Gaze: Relation Beyond the Artifact

VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab – 20 June 2018
Brussels, Belgium
Title: Grounding Transhumanism with Philosophy of Technology

Course: Philosophy & Ethics of Technological Culture – 20 March 2018
Brussels, Belgium
Title: Situating Transhumanism & Critical Posthumanism                              

Courses and Research Sessions Taught

Information Literacy & Library Skills Workshops (2006-2016). 30-50/year.

Advanced Research Techniques: 2-4 times/year (2006-2016). For Graduate students.

Writing Workshop: Undergraduate students. 4 credits (Fall 2013).

Culture, Technology, Education, and Sustainability. (Fall 2009). For PhD student. 4 credits.

Practical Research Methods. (2006-2010). For undergraduate students. Annual online course, 4 credits.

Professional Memberships

ETHICS EA 7446, Université Catholique de Lille

Centre for Ethics and Humanism (ETHU), Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Culture, Emancipation, Media and Society (CEMESO), Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Society for Phenomenology and Media

Society for Philosophy and Technology

Media Ecology Association

Committees / Boards

Scientific Committee for the Society for Philosophy and Technology biennial conference, Lille, France 2021

Scientific Committee for “Transhumanisms and their narratives” conference. Lille, France. June 2018

EBSCO Academic Advisory Board (currently on leave)

Peer Reviewer

Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology

Journal of Posthuman Studies: Philosophy, Technology, Media

Interface – Comunicação, Saúde, Educação